Holy Spirit Catholic School provides a balanced education through Reading, Writing, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Religion, Fine Arts, PE, and Library Lessons. We follow Missouri's Grade Level Expectations and Show-Me Standards.


Our Literacy curriculum develops reading comprehension skills and phonics and decoding skills. It also fosters an understanding of how literature is structured with an emphasis on vocabulary and grammar instruction.


Our Writing instruction begins with the basics in primary, focusing on correct letter and number formation and spirals up to the middle school grades focusing on the writing process where students produce pieces of Personal Narratives, Expository, Compare & Contrast, and research-based papers. Cursive handwriting is also introduced in Second Grade.


Our Mathematics curriculum spirals from year-to-year. Students gain an understanding of mathematical concepts beginning in Pre-Kindergarten. Students will be exposed to and encouraged to master skills in both Algebraic thinking and Geometry and Spatial Reasoning.


Our Science curriculum involves Physical and Life Sciences, as well as explorations of the world around us through STREAM. We are equipped with a Science Lab that doubles as a STREAM Lab. Students are exposed to the Scientific Method, Questioning, and Inquiry-Based learning experiences.

Social Studies

Our Social Studies curriculum focuses on Geography, Citizenship, World History, U.S. History, Civics, Current Events, Diversity/Cultural Studies, and the study of Historical Figures.

Physical Education

Our Physical Education curriculum focuses on providing a safe, efficient, and fun space to develop fine and gross motor skills. The students will build leadership and teamwork skills from year-to-year through team sports and games. Students also learn the importance of exercise to promote a healthy lifestyle.


Students will develop keyboarding skills and explore software tools that will enrich their learning. The Computer classes will serve students K-8.


Our Art curriculum spirals year-to-year. In Kindergarten, students learn the foundational elements of Art: color, line, shape, form & texture. Throughout the years, students are exposed to different styles and are encouraged to use a variety of tools & media to compose works of art.


Our Music curriculum immerses students in many different styles of music. Students sing and learn to play instruments in preparation for Christmas (Pre-K - 4th) and Spring (5th - 8th) programs. Our students also learn to Cantor for Mass, as well as have an opportunity to sing in the choir during weekly Masses.




Our Religion curriculum is deeply rooted in prayer and studies of our Catholic faith. Students learn about God's love for them and others, the Seven Sacraments, the Saints, and the importance of serving others. In addition to weekly All-School Liturgies, students will attend an additional Mass every other week.


Title Services

Our school participates in Title services provided by the state.  These services are planned for individual students who qualify.   Click here for the ESSA Procedures.