Ms. Mary Beth Schulte

Learning Consultant


Ms. Mary Beth Schulte

My name is Mary Beth Schulte.  I am a Holy Spirit parishioner, and I am blessed to be the learning consultant here at Holy Spirit School.  I work with teachers to help them to differentiate learning in the classrooms, I go into classrooms to assist students and teachers, and I work with students in small groups in my classroom.  I have worked in special education and special religious education for 37 years.  I graduated from Fontbonne College (now University) in 1981 with a BA in elementary and special education.  My areas of certification are learning disabilities and behavioral challenges, but I have also worked with students and adults with autism and developmental delays in academic, religious, and theater education programs.  I believe in getting to know each student and figuring out how he/she learns best.  There is no “one size fits all” in education, especially in special education.

My full-time teaching has all been for the Department of Special Education of the Archdiocese (at St. Christopher Learning Center, The Academy at St. Rose Philippine Duchesne, and, most recently, The Academy at St. Sabina).  For 13 years when my son was growing up, I was the coordinator of Special Religious Education Ministry, which provided both separate and inclusive PSR classes for students with a variety of challenges.  I also created retreat days for adults with challenges.  I continue in this ministry now in a part-time position.

My greatest inspirations in teaching are my parents.  My father taught and directed plays at four Archdiocesan high school for over 50 years, and my mother was the first teacher to my four brothers and me, and then went on to teach and direct a preschool/day care for many years.  My grandmother was a kindergarten teacher, and nearly everyone in my family is connected in some way to Catholic education.  I call it “the family business”.  It is one of the many blessings of my life to be able to share faith with the students and teachers with whom I work.