Mrs. Monica Kelpe

Music Teacher


Mrs. Monica Kelpe

Hello, my name is Monica Kelpe, and I am the Music Teacher here at Holy Spirit for grades K-8. I have a passion for connecting children to music through all different genres and styles. My goal is that they will come to appreciate the various sounds, pieces, and uses that music has to offer. They will also hone their skills in reading and playing rhythms, learn to develop their singing voice, read and play music, and connect music to real world people, events, and their own daily lives.

I have a bachelor of Music in Education from the University of Washington in Seattle with a focus in choral and elementary education. I also have a bachelor of Arts in history with a focus in medieval studies. During my time at the University, I sang in one of the top collegiate choirs performing music from all different genres of choral music. 

A native of the Northwest, I moved to the St. Louis area last summer when I married my husband. While I miss the mountains and more temperate climate, I am also discovering many things to love about this iconic Midwestern city including its welcoming people.